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Mic Clark Music | Castes EP

I'm thrilled to announce the release of my latest EP, CASTLES, recorded in my home studio. This EP features five tracks that highlight my signature blend of Scottish folk blues and singer-songwriter storytelling. As a Scottish musician, my work is inspired by the rich history and traditions of my country. CASTLES is a tribute to that heritage - expect a blend of celtic vibes, folk blues, and heartfelt lyrics.


Listen to my modern, soulful rendition of the Rabbie Burns poem, 'Green Grow The Rashes Oh'. This traditional Scottish folk song has been beautifully arranged with stunning string accompaniment by viola master Rik Evans. In addition, you'll hear beautiful harmonies from my sister, Natalie Clark, and my cousin, Olivia Ennemoser.

Mic Clark Music | Cod Liver Oil and the Orange Juice

I've given given a modern twist to this classic folk ballad. With its iconic dark humor and catchy melodies, it's a fan favorite and a standout track on my album of Scottish songs

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Here's my Spotify playlist with all my new music...

The last few years have been a fragmented time for many people, friends and families. The debut album from Scottish musician and songwriter Mic Clark is a collection of songs and ideas written and recorded with the hope of bringing some musical relief and joy to those who listen.

Mic Clark's musical heritage can be traced back to the turn of the 20th century when his great grandmother and her sisters wrote and played the piano music for the many cinemas in Glasgow. Both his grandfathers were singers, one headhunted by the D'Oyly Carte orchestra, the other could sing every Irish folk ballad from memory. Mic's father is a successful jazz guitarist and singer and his mother gained her certificate of music at 17yrs old from the Royal College of music in London, not bad for a wee lass from Clydebank! Mic cousin's Nigel and Nick Clark were hugely influeniual session musicians (guitar & bass) on the Scottish music scene in the 1980's and 90s, playing and touring with bands such as Hugh & Cry, Deacon Blue, Justin Curry and Cuban Heels. Nigel went on to become one of the world's top Gypsy jazz guitarists. Mic's sister is the L.A. based musician and musical supervisor Natalie Clark. 

Mic is joined on this album by his Austro-Scots cousin Olivia Ennemoser musician and jazz vocalist. Mic & Olivia were finalists on the Celtic Connections Danny Kyle stage and have been playing and recording music together ever since.

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